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Product Spotlight

StarSil AC 1083

Product Description:

StarSilâ„¢ AC 1083 is a new highly efficient silicone-antifoam compound. StarSil AC 1083 is a nonaqueous solvent free 100% silicone base with improved long term foam control efficiency.  It was especially developed for use in a wide range of industrial applications ranging from pulp processing, textile dyeing, and waste water treatment. StarSilâ„¢ AC 1083 has significant foam knock down and excellent sustaining antifoam power.

Product Attributes:

-Free rinsing (when emulsified efficiently)

-Long lasting defoaming & antifoaming prop


Regulatory Status


-21 CFR 176.210

EPA: The ingredients are exempt from tolerances List below:

-40 CFR 180.910

-40 CFR 180.920

-40 CFR 180.960


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 StarSil AC 1083 TDS